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Dear Dr. Schelling,

Can I feed my cats raw or uncooked liver? I've heard conflicting things about the healthfulness of raw liver for cats.

– Caroline and her cat clan

Dear Caroline,

Use caution. Raw or uncooked liver is high in Vitamin A, and too much vitamin A can cause hypervitaminosis A, or Vitamin A toxicity—a painful, serious, and irreversible condition. Vitamin A toxicity is characterized by excessive bone growth which can impair movement and even result in paralysis.

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for cats, and any good quality cat food will contain the right proportion of vitamin A. The more vitamin A you feed you cats beyond that amount, the higher their risk of developing vitamin A toxicity. For this reason, many people decide not to feed their cats raw or uncooked liver.

For more information on the causes and symptoms of vitamin A toxicity, and the limited treatments available for the disease, please read “Vitamin A Toxicity in Cats.

A healthy and happy new year to you and the clan!

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My boyfriend and I are curious about cats’ yawns. We yawn when we’re tired or bored—but what about cats? By the way, we marvel at how cats yawn; it’s so . . . dramatic.

– Lucy in New Mexico

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Dear Lucy,

Compliment accepted. There is some overlap between why cats yawn and why humans yawn. But we have our own reasons, too. Read all about them in this article WHY CATS YAWN.


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