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Dear Dr. Schelling,

Should I be concerned with my cat catching parasites like roundworms? My cat Toby spends most of his time indoors but when the weather is nice I like taking him out on leash walks.

– Penelope and Toby

Dear Penelope,

Worms, or intestinal parasites, can affect all kittens and cats. Intestinal parasitism is one of the most common conditions in clinical veterinary practice and is frequently identified in outdoor cats.

Although your cat spends most of his time inside there is still a chance that he may become infected with a parasite. To learn more about how cats can become infected with parasites and the signs a cat may show when infected, check out this article on CAT PARASITES.

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I’m intrigued by my cat Humphrey’s whiskers. They look so distinguished. I’m sure they have other uses besides being a kitty fashion accessory. I figured you’d be the one to ask about them.

– Mara in Idaho

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Dear Mara,

We felines are quite fond of our whiskers. They serve us well. They’re an important component of our super sensory system, feeding us information about our environment at all times. We also point them forward or backward in certain situations, so they’re part of our body language. For a more in-depth look at these fascinating and functional feline appendages, please check out this article WHY CATS HAVE WHISKERS.


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The domestic cat is the only species able to hold its tail vertically while walking.

"I love cats because I
love my home and after
a while they become
its visible soul."
–Jean Cocteau
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