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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I’m at my wits’ end with my cat. Whenever I’m home, she can’t leave me alone. She meows and chirps, follows me everywhere, and gets into everything I’m doing. She hates when I travel for business and often leaves a “present” for me on my bed, almost as if out of spite. I love my cat, but why is she so needy

– Frustrated in Fresno

Dear Frustrated,

It sounds like your cat may actually be suffering from Separation Anxiety. Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent, but in fact are very social creatures, bonding with the humans and other pets in their lives. Most cats take your comings and goings in stride. But those with Separation Anxiety wonder, are you ever coming back? They stick like glue when you’re at home, then worry themselves sick (literally) when you leave. They may pull out their hair, vomit on your rug, even pee on your bed, but it’s not out of spite. Click here to learn more about Feline Separation Anxiety.

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My cat Penelope left this catnip-scented letter on my pillow, signed with her pawprint. I thought it was very sweet, and wondered if you’d like to share it with your fans.

Happy Valentine’s Day, too!

– Penelope’s Person

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Dear Penelope’s Person,

Although we cats have our stoic qualities, we have a wide range of emotions. Granted, not all of us are as articulate as your Penelope. But all that purring and kneading—if that’s not love, I don’t know what is. (And for those of you with shy kitties, remember they may be scaredy cats when it comes to expressing their more vulnerable sides, but they feel and appreciate your kindness as much as anyone. After all, the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is not so much receiving love as it is giving love.)

Without any further ado, other than giving my paw a perfunctory lick, here is the letter. I think Penelope speaks for kitties around the globe:

From Kitty to You: How Do I Love Thee?

I love you when . . .

. . . I run to the door and greet you excitedly, with my tail arched high, as soon as I hear your car pull in the driveway.

. . . I enter the room and give you such a hearty head bump that it knocks your glasses off.

. . . I say “be mine” by making figure-eights through your legs and rubbing my scent on you.

. . . I push the bathroom door open in the morning and let myself in, to keep you company.

. . . I bring the toy back to you after I pounce on it and claw it, because I know you’ll toss it again and we have fun playing together, you throwing and me chasing.

. . . I show my appreciation for your redesign efforts by perching on all the tabletops and window sills that used to have pottery, photographs, and plants on them but have been re-purposed as kitty hangouts.

. . . I walk over your computer to make sure you take breaks during your work.

. . . I sometimes let you sleep an extra five minutes in the morning.

. . . I cooperate as much as I can when you brush my teeth, because even though I’m a bit apprehensive about it I trust you.

. . . I plop down on the shirt you just put on the bed because it reminds me of you.

. . . I calm down, at least somewhat, from your touch and your voice if I’m feeling scared at the vet’s.

. . . I purr loudly in response to your gentle strokes.

. . . I give you a wet nose kiss.

. . . I finagle myself into the most inconvenient, awkward spots because I want to be next to you when I sleep.

. . . You and I are together, whether we’re playing or just doing nothing, because after all these years, you’re still my favorite person, and I know you love me.

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How does your cat let you know they love you?
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"A meow massages
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–Stuart McMillan
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