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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I love my cat, Tabatha, but I also love my sleep. Most nights, Tabatha tries to wake me up during the wee hours because—as best I can tell—she’s hungry (although I leave kibble in her bowl) or wants to play. Or maybe she’s just bored?

–Sleep-Deprived in Seattle

Dear Sleep-Deprived,

You need your sleep for many reasons—one of them is being able to attend to Tabatha’s needs when you’re awake!

As you know, cats and humans can be quite compatible. Their respective sleep schedules, however, are quite out of sync. So how do members of the two species living under the same roof get their required Z’s? Cats always seem to achieve their sixteen hours or so of sleep each day; what about the humans? This article has a number of options for getting a good night’s sleep while living with a feline, ranging from creative cat furniture placement to leaving out toys that kitty can discover during the night and thus satisfy her hunting instinct.

Here’s hoping you and Tabatha get your required downtimes, so your uptimes can be more productive and enjoyable.

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Our cat Sheldon is affectionate in many ways, including licking us, presumably to keep us nice and clean. My question is: Why the sandpaper-like tongue?


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Dear Claude,

Two things we cats like to do a lot are eat and groom. The inward-facing barbs on our tongues help us in both those pursuits, as explained in this article WHY CATS' TONGUES ARE ROUGH.

Unfortunately, those same barbs also have a downside; they make it just about impossible for us to spit out string if we start to ingest it–which is why you should never leave string, yarn, or anything string-like out for us to find. There are more details about this and other aspects of our multi-purpose tongues in the article.

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