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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My cat has taken a liking to my houseplants and everyday it seems like there are more and more leaves missing. I don't want to get rid of all my plants, is there anyway to train my cat to stop chewing on them?


Dear Carol,

Not only can chewing on plants be dangerous it's an unwanted behavior when you're trying to bring a little of the outdoors inside. This article offers several ways to "nip that problem in the bud" and provide your cat with healthy alternatives.

Click here to read the full article.

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My human always gets upset when I sniff around her flowers. Has she gone crazy? It's not like I'm sniffing around her dinner plate.

–Lily The Cat

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Dear Lily,

Your human hasn't gone crazy. As sweet smelling as some flowers and plants may be often times they can be poisonous to cats. You and your human can check out this article for a list of some common plants that may pose a danger.

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BLUE BIRD ON A WIRE: This bird is my favorite playmate! I like to jump up and bat him with my paws when he is 'flying' around the office, and when he isn't looking I love to tackle him to the ground (I have to make sure he doesn't forget who the boss is around here). This wire toy is a special limited edition so get your paws on it before it flies away!

FLUFF BUNNIES: Props to my peppy Fluff Bunnies! On the outside they're all soft faux fur, big bright eyes, and dazzling smiles. But inside their enticingly plump bellies they stash the good stuff – organic catnip. I can always scratch out some room in my busy schedule (sleeping and eating) to roll around with my Fluff Bunnies. After a whiff of the wonderful 'nip, I sink my teeth in, engage my patented death grip, rabbit kick to my heart's delight, and swat them to oblivion. If my humans slide the Fluff Bunnies across the floor, I can chase them, too. It's great fun, and the workout helps keep me trim (which my vet likes) and looking fabulous (mirror, please).

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Blue Bird On A Wire Fluff Bunnies