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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My cat often jumps into my lap wanting to be petted. But after just a few strokes, she turns around and swats or bites me. It seems to happen with no warning and is extremely frustrating. Please help!


Dear Robert,

Your cat’s capricious behavior may be what veterinary behaviorists call petting-induced aggression. Though some cats crave all the snuggling they can get, others have a very strict limit for how much they are petted and where. Recognizing your cat’s limits and stopping just before she’s had enough is the secret to preventing this problem. Click here to learn more about petting-induced aggression.

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Why does my cat put her rear end up in the air when I pet her lower back?


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Dear Rita,

We cats raise our posteriors in the air while getting a good lower back scratch for a few reasons, one being that it feels good. But we also use our hindquarters to communicate. The better you humans can understand your cats, the better you can serve us, which is what every cat wants. So with that in mind, may I recommend this article, which explains how we cats incorporate the rear-most sections of our torsos into our exquisite body language.

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