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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I’m thinking of getting a kitten. My neighbor got a kitten from a shelter that had an early neuter. Is that good for cats? Should I get one for my new kitten too?


Dear Christina,

Many shelter cats have neuter surgery performed at an early age to be sure the surgery is done before they are adopted by their new family. There are benefits to having the surgery performed early, and minimal risk with this type of surgery. Kittens from breeders or other private sources can also have surgery performed earlier than traditionally thought. Read this article to learn the reasons early neuters are becoming more popular and whether this is a good idea for your new kitten.

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How can I train my cat to stay off the kitchen counter?


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Dear Geoff,

I love being up on high places and surveying my surroundings but I learned early on as a kitten that some places are off limits. My humans didn't like me on the kitchen counter either, something about my fur in their food, I still don't get why that's such a big deal. But if you're concerned about fur in your food or keeping your cat away from objects that may be dangerous then you should read over this article, it is full of tips to keep both you and your cat cohabitating happily.

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KONG ZOOM GROOM: I love a good grooming session and the Kong Zoom Groom has become my new favorite brush. Its soft rubber bristles feel great and help promote healthy hair and skin while removing my loose fur.

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The nose pad of a cat has a unique pattern similar to that of a human fingerprint.
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Beeks Catnip Bird Kong Zoom Groom