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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I'm having a Fourth of July party at my home this year and am concerned about my cat. What can I do for her to make sure she's safe during all the commotion?

–Reconciling parties and purrs

Dear Reconciling,

Fourth of July parties can be a great way to kick off the summer, but they may not be very fun for your cat. There are plenty of potential hazards that can cause your cat discomfort during the holiday festivities—from dangerous "people" food to the noise from fireworks. Check out my article, PUTTING YOUR CAT'S SAFETY AND HAPPINESS FIRST DURING YOUR JULY FOURTH PARTY, on how to keep your cat protected and in good spirits during summer celebrations.

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Reader Response:

I wanted to let you know your article on "How to Know When Your Cat is Sick" saved my cat's life this morning. The note about an unusual limp, combined with his lethargy and avoidance of food spurred me into bringing him in to the emergency vet this morning (Sunday) when I was going to wait until the next day for my regular vet. Turns out my cat had a urinary blockage. But luckily I think we got it early enough that he will fully recover. Thank you so much for your article. I wouldn't have had any clue the limp was so serious.

–Leanne, Summerville, SC


Why does my cat rub her face on me? She is so cute when she does it and I figure it is her way of saying "I love you" but I would like to know the real reason why she rubs her face on me.


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Dear Sonja,

She is letting you know that you are her purrson. When we rub our faces on you we are placing our pheromones on you. This might happen when you have been out of the house and she is trying to make sure you smell "right". Not that you humans smell bad... well, most of you. To learn more about facial rubs read this article.


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ENCHANTACAT SEA CREATURES: Sometimes I'll be sprawled out on the floor (in the middle of foot traffic, of course), when all of a sudden an Enchatacat catnip toy floats by. I snag the magical sea creature, rub my face on it to take in its rich catnip essence, and subdue it with a few back kicks to show that I'm the boss of the above-sea level world. Enchanting, indeed.

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SENTRY HC GOOD BEHAVIOR PHEROMONE COLLAR: I'm generally a confident cat–ordering my human staff around, sleeping on every surface available, and chasing after toys. But some things put me ill-at-ease, such as boisterous houseguests and going to the vet. And fireworks exploding outside! One product that may help to calm an occasional scaredy cat is the Sentry HC Good Behavior Pheromone Cat Collar. It releases a synthetic version of the scent that mother cats use to de-stress their kittens. Bonus: it's a safe, break-away collar.

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