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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My son is working on his safety badge for cub scouts. He was required to research and display emergency phone numbers in a common location in the house. Last night our cat’s tail was accidentally closed in the screen door and I realized I had no numbers handy to call for emergency vet care! Can you recommend a list of numbers we should keep handy for our pets and their emergency care?

–My cat’s Den Mother
Dear Den Mother,

What a great owner you are to be prepared for your feline emergencies. The numbers I would recommend are:

  • your family veterinarian
  • your local emergency veterinary clinic (with directions)
  • a pet poison control number (local and national)

To educate all your family members, you may even wish to post a list of common household products and plants that would be toxic for your cat.

Cats can be subtle in showing you signs of illness. To learn more about emergency conditions in your cat, read the full article The Top Ten Emergencies in Cats.

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Our eight-month old cat Winfred is rambunctious and friendly. Often, when we come home, or after a play session, if I kneel down, he trots over to me and bonks me on the nose with his head. Is this the feline version of a body slam?

–Startled but delighted

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Dear Startled,

Congratulations, you've been "bunted." Bunting is kitty's way of enthusiastically showing appreciation and friendship. For more on this endearing feline behavior, please read this article:

Why Does My Cat Like to Bump Heads with Me?.


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PURRFECT CRINKLE BOUNCER: My human loves to take the Purrfect Crinkle Bouncer out of the toy box for some playtime fun. He knows the crinkly plastic and floating feathers will attract me, and then the game's on! My human shifts the Crinkle Bouncer one way and I give chase; he shifts it the other way and I pounce, and the plastic crunches underpaw; he makes the toy fly and the feathers flutter, and I jump and grab it with my claws. All in all, a very satisfying play session for both of us. In fact, I think I have even more fun playing with the Purrfect Crinkle Bouncer than he does!

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HONEYSUCKLE SPRAY: I adore the scintillating aroma from this mysterious formulation as it wakes my whiskers and tickles my nose. It brings out the "play" in me . . . and my buddy cats who aren't keen on catnip.

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