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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My mother in law’s cat was just diagnosed with cancer. The only symptom was that she was vomiting occasionally and losing weight. My own cat vomits occasionally. She is 4 years old and is otherwise in good health. Should I worry?

Dear Margaret,

In young cats like yours, vomiting is often benign and self limiting. She may be eating something that doesn’t quite agree with him (fatty treats, rich table scraps). She may have a mild food allergy or it could be a hairball issue. Click here to learn more about the causes and treatment of vomiting in cats. And if you’re still concerned, it’s best to contact your veterinarian.

Click here to read the full article on vomiting in cats.

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My cat is not responsive to catnip and I heard that honeysuckle is a good alternative for cats who don't seem to enjoy catnip. Is this true?


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Dear Matchmakers,

I happen to be the kind of cat who enjoys both catnip and honeysuckle. If your cat isn't a fan of catnip it could be possible that they'll love a honeysuckle toy. Click here to learn more about honeysuckle as an alternative to catnip.

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HONEYSUCKLE MOUSE: I've been known to favor catnip but I also like to mix things up with honeysuckle. I react the same way to honeysuckle as I do catnip—eyes dilated and paws ready for play. The Honeysuckle Mouse is the purrfect fit for kitties looking for a change of pace.

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KONG ZOOM GROOM: I love a good grooming session and the Kong Zoom Groom has become my new favorite brush. Its soft rubber bristles feel great and help promote healthy hair and skin while removing my loose fur.
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