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Dear Dr. Schelling,

When I was a kid, we would give our cats a saucer of milk every day. Lately I read that cow’s milk is not good for them. What’s the truth?

Dear Cindy,

Many of us grew up thinking that milk was an important part of a cat’s diet, but this is actually a myth. While many cats like milk, it may not like them. This is because many adult cats are lactose intolerant. Cow’s milk is also problematic for kittens, because it does not contain the proper balance of nutrients. Click here to learn more about cats and milk.

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Every year my cat ends up in my Christmas tree. Do you have any tips on training my cat to stay off of the tree this Christmas?


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Dear Rebecca,

Are you sure you want to keep your cat out of the tree? We have so much fun in there! If you're really serious about keeping your cat out of the tree then I think this article on How to Keep Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree will help.


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CATNIP CHRISTMAS STOCKING: Give this stocking to your cats on the nice list (and to the naughty ones too, they like toys)! These stockings are filled with the ultimate treat—catnip. There may be no mice stirring on the night before Christmas but you can bet your cat will be if they have this stocking!

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CATNIP CANDY CANE: Straight up with a twist! The Catnip Candy Cane is the purrfect remedy after an exhaustive morning of cleaning and preening and looking fine. It all starts with a good pawing around with the Cane, a little purr-elation, maybe a cute rollover maneuver as the nip kicks in, then over to the living room window for a restful snooze in the afternoon sun..

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MUSIC MY PET HOLIDAY TREATS CD: Being that I am a refined cat, I enjoy classical music. I am loving the Music My Pet Holiday Treats CD with classical holiday music. It keeps me calm during all the hussle and bussle of the holiday season and I can tell the humans like it too.
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Catnip Christmas Stocking Catnip Candy Cane Music My Pet Holiday Treats CD