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Dear Dr. Schelling,

Last weekend my cat was vomiting, a lot. I was very worried but luckily there is an emergency vet clinic near my home and I was able to get her the care she needed. This emergency got me wondering about what could have happened if I wasn't able to get her into the clinic. Do you have any tips on first aid for cats?

–Wanting To Be Prepared
Dear Prepared,

It is great that you were able to get your cat the care she needed in an emergency. Although there is no substitution for a licensed veterinarian when it comes to a sick or injured pet there are some basics that all cat owners should know when faced with an emergency situation. Check out this comprehensive article on First Aid for Cats.

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I am an indoor cat with backyard privileges. This morning my human got upset with me when she caught me checking out toad. All of a sudden I found myself back in the house. What's the big deal?

–Curious Cat

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Dear Curious,

I must say, I am a little jealous of your backyard privileges! As for this toad you speak of I had to consult my humans and they said that it could have been poisonous. So, it seems your human was just trying to keep you safe. Since you are a curious cat, you may want to have your human check out this article on Poisonous Toads, that way the two of you can be ready when faced with another one of these little guys.


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