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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I want to adopt a kitten but don't know where to start. I have always loved cats but all my kitties have always been family pets, this will be the first time I will have a cat all on my own. What do I need to know to be sure I get the right cat for me?

Dear Vanessa,

Congratulations! You're in good company because June is Adopt A Cat Month. There are lots of things to consider prior to bringing a cat into your home like what type of cat will be most compatible with you, the size of your home, if your cat will be indoor or outdoor and much more. To be prepared before you choose your new furry friend check out this article on adopting a new kitten or cat to be sure you'll get the right kitty for you.

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My sister says that orange cats are always male. Is that true?


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Dear Kerry,

Your sister is half right. Orange cats are three times more likely to be male than female. Why? Check out part three of our Feline Myths and Misconceptions series to find out.


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PLAY-N-SQUEAK TWINKLE MOUSE WAND: I love playing at night and this twinkle mouse is great for my nocturnal activities. Once this mouse is squeaking and lighting up don't be surprised if you see me stalking, pouncing and jumping in the moonlight.

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CATSIP: I love treats and Catsip is my new favorite. Catsip is kitty safe milk that has nutrients for better heart and eye function and it's easy on my tummy. I like to have it alone, on my dry food, mixed with my wet food—I just plain love it!

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The first true cats came into existence about 12 million years ago and were the Proailurus.
It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens.-Cynthia E. Varnado
Play-N-Squeak Twinkle Mouse Wand Catsip