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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My new kitty, Tommy, is having a tough time mastering the litter box. He is getting better but he still has a few accidents in the house and no matter how hard I try I cannot seem to fully clean them up! What is the best way to clean up urine stains?

Dear Farrah,

Every cat owner can understand your woe's with stain detecting and cleaning. Luckily, I have an article on cleaning urine stains that has been through my own rigorous testing because even as a veterinarian, I've been there too

I do want to add one thing though; some cats have “accidents” because of an underlying medical condition. It is always important to discuss with your veterinarian any inappropriate elimination issues.

Click here to learn more about how to detect and clean urine stains.

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I think my cat is turning into a bandit! Sassy loves to take all my socks and hide them under the her bed and I often search the house for her favorite catnip toys when it's playtime and find them all hidden in a pile in my daughters' closet. What's going on with her? Should I change Sassy's name to Sneaky?!


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Dear Melissa,

Sassy is not a bandit! She is a hoarder. Don't worry, it's instinct! To learn more about the hoarding behavior of your sock lover and toy keeper check out this article on Hoarding Behavior in Cats.


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CATNIP BODY PILLOWS: When the humans told me I was going to review a catnip body pillow I thought "Great, two of my favorite things: catnip and sleeping!" Well, it's not as big of a pillow as I imagined, but it's even more fun than I thought. What kitty doesn't love to bunny kick, chew and toss a catnip toy around?!

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CAT-MAN-DOO BONITO FISH FLAKES: I am a big fan of treats and these Bonito Fish Flakes get two paws up! The fishy scent catches my nose and the taste—I can't get enough! I could eat these flakes all day, of course the humans won't allow this so I'll have to stick with being rewarded for good behavior. Maybe my mischievous days are finally over...

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