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Dear Dr. Schelling,

My cat has been having trouble urinating. She keeps going to the litter pan, scratching around, meowing, but not much is coming out. She seems totally fine otherwise. Should I worry?

Dear Katie,

It sounds like your cat may be suffering from Feline Lower Urinary Tract disease, otherwise known as a bladder problem. Cats with bladder problems spend a lot of time in the litter box straining to urinate. They may cry out with discomfort or urinate outside the box. In male cats, such symptoms can indicate a urinary blockage, which is a true medical emergency. Luckily, female cats are much less likely to have a blockage, but you should still consult your veterinarian. Read this article to learn more about feline bladder problems.

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I just adopted a rather rambunctious cat. His energy is scary when it's time to trim his nails. A friend suggested I try scruffing him to help gain control and trim his nails safely but I'm afraid to do that. What is the right way to scruff my cat safely so neither of us get hurt in the process?


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Dear Olivia,

Scruffing a cat isn't fun, trust me I know! But it is an important skill to master when you need to give us kitties a medical treatment or move us safely—even if we don't like it. Learn how to safely scruff your cat in this article.


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