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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I have three related questions:

  1. How much water should my cat be drinking?
  2. Is there anything I can do to help her get the required amount of water?
  3. How much do I have to worry about cleanliness or healthfulness of the water she drinks?
–Thirsty for knowledge about cats
Dear Thirsty,

I'm glad to see you're so conscientious about your cat's water requirements. Water is vital to your cat's health and well-being. The amount of water your cat should drink is dependent on a number of factors, including her weight, her health, and the amount of canned ("wet") food in her diet. You want to make sure that your cat has access to clean, fresh water at all times. Some sources of water, such softened water or the tap water in many municipal systems, are not recommended for your cat. But it is relatively easy to ensure that the water your cat drinks is clean and safe. To learn more check out this article on your cat's most essential nutrient—water.

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My cat is so talkative. She meows for food, toys, and attention. Sometimes she sits outside my bedroom door and meows until I get up. I’m glad she’s so friendly, but sometimes it gets out of control. Why does she do it? Should I worry?

–Frustrated in Phoenix

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Dear Frustrated,

We felines can be quite chatty indeed! Our Siamese friends are known as big talkers. But any cat can have the gift of gab. It’s no secret that our endearing meows, chirps, and chortles are a great way to get your attention. It’s also a great way to beg for food or wake you up when it’s time to play…at 3 AM! All right, sometimes we go overboard. But we may be trying to tell you something! Click here to learn more about why some cats talk so much.


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DA BIRD WAND: Who can resist the quavering feathers of Da Bird? Not I.

Blue ones, brown ones, yellow ones . . . fluttering by me—I must give chase! This "bird" is my favorite because I can catch it over and over!

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CATNIP ROCKET BLASTER: I have to give credit to my humans, who seem to invent endless ways to entice me with this combination toy and blast of catnip. They make the toy dance around in front me, knowing that I'll grab it. Sometimes they throw it down the hall, and I chase it down. When they're away during the day, they might leave the Catnip Rocket Blaster in not-too-difficult but not-too-easy hiding places for me to find. In every case, once I get a hold of the catnip-infused toy, I go to town. I roll around, give it the old back-kick shred, bite it every which way, and have an overall good time. Did I mention I may do a few victory pounces? I have a blast with my Catnip Rocket Blaster.

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The nose pad of a cat is ridged in a pattern that is as unique as the fingerprint of a human.
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Da Bird Wand Toy Catnip Rocket Blaster