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Dear Dr. Schelling,

We had a bit of a turkey and cat mishap this year and I do not want to repeat that again this Christmas. Can you tell me what kinds of foods are hazardous to cats so I can be prepared this time around?

Dear Ruby,

Unfortunately there are a lot of potential hazards for cats around the holidays even beyond food. From artificial snow to mistletoe, from low-hanging ornaments to high-fat gravy, holidays and special occasions introduce a plethora of potential dangers to your vulnerable feline.

The good news is that you can dramatically reduce the risk of mishaps through proactive measures. Refer to this list—perhaps post it on the refrigerator or a handy place— to keep the holidays as safe and merry as possible.


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Every year my cat ends up in my Christmas tree. Do you have any tips on training my cat to stay off of the tree this Christmas?


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Dear Dianne,

Are you sure you want to keep your cat out of the tree? We have so much fun in there! If you're really serious about keeping your cat out of the tree then I think this article on How to Keep Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree will help.


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ZANIES CHRISTMAS SKEDADDLES: This mouse is definitely stirring throughout the house! All it takes is one tug on the cord of the mouse by my human and away he goes with me following quickly behind.

TEDDY BEAR HOLIDAY TOY: I love a good play session and this bear packs the catnip punch I need to get up and going on cold winter days. He's also great for cuddling on cold winter days—either way I'm one happy kitty.

CATNIP CANDY CANE: Straight up with a twist! The Catnip Candy Cane is the purrfect remedy after an exhaustive morning of cleaning and preening and looking fine. It all starts with a good pawing around with the Cane, a little purr-elation, maybe a cute rollover maneuver as the nip kicks in, then over to the living room window for a restful snooze in the afternoon sun.

CHEER DEER: Time for reindeer games! This cute little guy is as much fun to play with as he is to look at—kind of like me.
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