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Dear Dr. Schelling,

I adopted a wonderful cat named Bridget a couple months ago. She is a great kitty and will be my forever friend. In the past couple of days she has begun to “mark” my furniture, and she spends a great deal of time hiding. She seems unhappy and a little jumpy. What happened to make her afraid? How can I help her?

Dear Lillie,

Congratulations on adopting your new friend! Many times there are changes in the environment that can make a cat stressed and anxious. Even redecorating your home by simply moving furniture around can cause a happy cat to become distressed.

Click here to learn what can cause anxiety in your cat, and learn about some great aids for de-stressing your little friend.

Full article: CATS AND STRESS.

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My usual style of play with kitty is: I throw, she chases. She just got a wand toy as a present for Christmas. How can I best incorporate this new element into our routine?


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Dear Sarah,

Wand toys offer unique advantages to human-kitty playtime. With wand toys, you can remotely control the movements of prey-like objects, in ways that almost fool us. Simple manipulations with your hands and arms cause the prey to crawl, climb, and fly through the air, tantalizing any curious kitties in the area. Your cat can stab and bite the life-like mouse, bird, or flying fish without endangering your hands, since they're at the opposite end of the wand toy. It's a win-win with the wand toys. For more information on how to become a wand toy master and create wanderful games with this instrument, please see this article on how to play with interactive wand toys.


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