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Dear Dr. Schelling,

The other day I was playing with my adult cat and we were having a wonderful time. . . . until we were finished! She seemed to be having trouble breathing and was coughing a little bit. Does she need more, or less, exercise? Should I be worried?

–Worried in Washington
Dear Worried,

When kitties that have been otherwise healthy suddenly develop symptoms such as your cat did, we as responsible pet owners need to take note. It is very good that you recognized this change in her. It is important to take her to your veterinarian so that she may be assessed. Her symptoms might indicate a heart health problems, and your vet can identify if that is the case and begin treatment to help her live a healthy, happy life and continue to enjoy her playtime with you.

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Why do cats chatter their teeth at birds?


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Dear Kathy,

I know when I am chattering at a bird I am showing the birdy exactly what my mouth will be doing to it once I catch it. Nom, nom, nom! However, I have yet to actually catch one.

The office humans seem to think there is another reason us cats chatter our teeth at birds.

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