Previous Issues
Issue 63:

How to Protect Your Belongings from Your Cat, How to Play with Your Cat

Issue 62:

Anxiety in Cats, How to Play with Interactive Toys

Issue 61:

Holiday Hazards, How to Keep Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree

Issue 60:

Thanksgiving Safety, Traveling with Cats

Issue 59:

Cats' Sense of Taste, Cat Toilet Water Drinking Behavior

Issue 58:

Halloween Safety For Cats, Perceptions and Misconceptions About Cats

Issue 57:

Caring for senior cats, How to Keep Your Cat Entertained While You're Not Home

Issue 56:

How much water you should offer your cat, Why some cats talk so much

Issue 55:

How To Remove Ticks, Leash Walking Your Cat

Issue 54:

Feline Bladder Isses, How To Scruff Your Cat

Issue 53:

Training Your Cat To Use A Pet Carrier, Types of Cat Carriers

Issue 52:

How to Clean Urine Stains, Cat Hoarding Behavior

Issue 51:

CPR for Cats, Cat Myths Part Four

Issue 50:

Cat Adoption Tips, Cat Myths Part Three

Issue 49:

Feline Vaccine Sarcoma, Cat Myths Part Two

Issue 48:

First Aid Kit for Cats, Cat Myths Part One

Issue 47:

First Aid for Cats, Poisonous Toads

Issue 46:

Feline Heart Disease, Cat Teeth Chattering

Issue 45:

Feline Asthma, Cats and Kids

Issue 44:

Dangerous Places for Cats, How to Greet a Cat

Issue 43:

Dental Care for Cats, Can Cats Sense Your Emotions

Issue 42:

Why Cats Knead, How Cats Show Love

Issue 41:

Cats vs. Doors, Cat Chin Scratching Station

Issue 40:

Cat diarrhea, Why some cats talk so much

Issue 39:

Cows milk for cats, How to keep your cat off the Christmas tree

Issue 38:

Benefits of multiple scratching posts, How to spoil your cat

Issue 37:

Thanksgiving safety for cats, Traveling with cats

Issue 36:

Ringworm in cats, How to keep playtime fun

Issue 35:

How to keep your cat safe on Halloween, Myths about cats

Issue 34:

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Cat's night vision

Issue 33:

Cat fleas, Translating cat talk

Issue 32:

Vomiting in cats, Honeysuckle as an alternative to catnip

Issue 31:

Halitosis in cats, Introducing cats

Issue 30:

Top ten emergencies in cats, Why cats head bump

Issue 29:

Cuterebra Infestation in cats, Why cats stalk

Issue 28:

Fourth of July Safety for cats, Why cats rub their faces on people

Issue 27:

How to tell if your cat is sick, Grooming for short haired cats

Issue 26:

Early neutering for cats, How to keep your cat off the kitchen counter

Issue 25:

Human directed aggression in cats, Love bites from cats

Issue 24:

Petting induced aggression in cats, How cats use their posteriors in friendly body language

Issue 23:

How to keep your cat from chewing on houseplants, Poisonous plants for cats

Issue 22:

Train your cat to let you sleep, Why cats have rough tongues

Issue 21:

Caring for orphaned kittens, Why cats hiss

Issue 20:

Wet food vs. dry food for cats, Why cats knead

Issue 19:

Feline separation anxiety, How cats show love

Issue 18:

Cat parasites, Why cats have whiskers

Issue 17:

Vitamin A toxicity in cats, Why cats yawn

Issue 16:

How to travel with cats, Holiday safety for cats, How to spoil your cat, How to photograph your cat

Issue 15:

Benefits of multiple scratching posts, How cats fit in small spaces

Issue 14:

H1N1 in cats, Thanksgiving Safety for cats, Why cats purr

Issue 13:

Halloween safety for cats, Myths about cats, Why cats arch their backs

Issue 12:

Caring for senior cats, How to keep your cat entertained while you're not home

Issue 11:

How much water you should offer your cat, Homemade toys for cats

Issue 10:

Fourth of July safety for cats, Why cats slow blink

Issue 9:

Litter box success strategies, Bonding with cats when you have a busy schedule

Issue 8:

Fleas and ticks in cats, Cat tail language

Issue 7:

Heartworm Disease in cats, Cats preferring people

Issue 6:

Obesity, Hands-on weight assessment, Dangers of dental floss, Combing cats' bellies, Reader responses to "Where does Your Cat Sleep?"

Issue 5:

Danger of chocolate, Brushing teeth

Issue 4:

Christmas trees, Quick holiday safety list, Gifts, MySpace, Cats intentionally checking out non-cat people

Issue 3:

Thanksgiving safety, Intro to playing with cats series, Keeping kitty cozy in winter, Cat treat recipe, Meditation

Issue 2:

Apology for delay, announcement, Halloween safety and toys, Reader responses to "Singing to Your Cats," Food – part 1

Issue 1:

Introduction, Tubby tabbies, Teach your cat to let you sleep (sometimes), Onions: dangerous, Singing to your cats

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Policies on recommendation letters are different for different schools so it's best you contact colleges directly and ask link what they would like to see as far as who writes your letters and whether or not they’ll accept a letter from a parent.

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