Cat Health Newsletter with Cat Behavior, Health, Care and Veterinarian Tips.
"The cat inspires a thousand questions."
Did you ever want to know more about cats?

Why they act the way they do, or what's good and not good for them, or how to keep them as
healthy as possible – but weren't sure where to find the answers?

Well now you have a great new resource. And
best of all, it's free!

We've created a newsletter for you, the caring, concerned and curious cat "parent," called the
Cat Health Mewsletter.

Created by veterinarian Dr. Christianne Schelling, it's a highly readable mix of informational articles, cat care tips, "food for thought" commentary and fun stuff – filled with useful information about health care, behavior, training, relationships, and a multitude of other topics to help you make sense of the mysterious and magnificent world of cats.

The Mewsletter provides you with a wealth of knowledge on how to maintain your cat's health and how to identify problems before they get out of control.

It will give you insight on why cats behave so weirdly at times – and why there's usually a method to their madness. It will contain important safety and anti-boredom tips (the two are related). You'll learn things like how to make a litter box less smelly, and how to accommodate your cat's scratching needs while preserving your furniture. We'll cover eating habits, vaccinations, shedding, body language, holiday pressures – you name it. We'll even investigate the beguiling, almost zen-like questions: Why do cats purr?
Tell us what you think. Give us your ideas. The Mewsletter is interactive.

What subjects would you like to see covered? Is the Mewsletter too serious or too frivolous? We welcome criticism, too – we don't mind. We have cats, we're used to straightforward opinions of our performance.

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By Popular Demand: "Ask Fancy"

Fancy, the office cat, has agreed to take time out of her busy schedule to answer your questions. Her specialties are toys and the playful arts, but you can also ask her about classic literature and the meaning of life.

NOTE: due to her intense napping commitment she won't be able to respond to every question personally, but she'll share her
favorites in future

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Do they dream? What do they see when they're staring at the wall?

The Mewsletter will also feature cat toy reviews by Fancy, the head office cat, and her staff of reviewer cats. Note that play is more than just recreation; it's a vital part of cats' lives, and we'll discuss it at length in the Mewsletter.

Just as a cat is a picture of grace one minute, the rolling on the floor, belly exposed, with a catnip toy the next, the Mewsletter aims to strike a balance between serious topics and the more zany side of catness. So you'll find the Mewsletter fun and easy to read, and you'll also be getting important and practical information with every issue.

The Mewsletter is still in its kittenhood, but as it matures we'll have various ways to search past issues, and a host of features to keep you well informed as well as amused about our feline friends.

And remember, the Mewsletter is completely freeabsolutely no strings attached. You can unsubscribe at any time.

We look forward to having you as a Mewsletter subscriber!