Issue 16: December 10
Dear Dr. Schelling,

This Christmas it's "Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go." Well, actually it's over many rivers, we're going by car instead of sleigh, and this time we're taking two cats. For a number of reasons, we can't leave them at home or at the vet's boarding facility. How can we make the 11-hour trip less stressful—or even enjoyable—for our two felines? They're two years old and in good health according to their last checkup.

Catnip Express

Dear "Catnip Express,"

An ounce of prevention in this case is worth at least a pound of cure. Clear the kitties for travel with your vet, learn about all the various things you can do during the trip to ease your cats' worries and make them more safe and comfortable, bring along some familiar items (scratching posts, toys, etc.) for when you get to your destination. . . . All this and more is in this new article, "HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR CAT." The article also includes starting points for finding reliable pet-sitters, and tips on air travel with cats.

If you follow the advice in the article, you'll be less stressed yourself, which will likely rub off on your cats, and you may just have the best Christmas ever. One last thing: you may want to read our Holiday Safety Tips article if you haven't done so already.

-Dr. Schelling
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