Issue 19: February 10
Dear Dr. Schelling,

I’m at my wits’ end with my cat. Whenever I’m home, she can’t leave me alone. She meows and chirps, follows me everywhere, and gets into everything I’m doing. She hates when I travel for business and often leaves a “present” for me on my bed, almost as if out of spite. I love my cat, but why is she so needy?

Frustrated in Fresno

Dear Frustrated,

It sounds like your cat may actually be suffering from Separation Anxiety. Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent, but in fact are very social creatures, bonding with the humans and other pets in their lives. Most cats take your comings and goings in stride. But those with Separation Anxiety wonder, are you ever coming back? They stick like glue when you’re at home, then worry themselves sick (literally) when you leave. They may pull out their hair, vomit on your rug, even pee on your bed, but it’s not out of spite. Click here to learn more about Feline Separation Anxiety.

-Dr. Schelling
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