Issue 25: May 10

Dear Dr. Schelling,

My cat George is very sweet, loving and playful but sometimes he can behave aggressively at random. One minute everything seems fine and all of a sudden I have a cat at my ankles or hands biting and clawing. What is causing his “Jekyll and Hyde” behavior?


Dear Tina,

Cats are known for their mercurial temperaments, and cats like George absolutely can be loving one moment and lousy the next! He may be exhibiting what’s called play aggression—a common problem among young cats and kittens. Or it may be another issue called status-related aggression. Either way, there are specific measures you can take, and the sooner the better—before George makes it a habit and someone really gets hurt! Click here to learn more about these common causes of human-directed aggression in cats.

Click here to read the full article.

-Dr. Schelling

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