Issue 41: January 11
Dear Dr. Schelling,
Our cat Renaldo hates closed doors. He wants to see what's on the other side—especially if one of us in the room beyond the door. And he doesn't care which room that might be, if you get my drift. He'll claw at the door, trying to pry it open, or plant himself in front of the door and meow mournfully, hoping we'll understand his plight and open the door for him. Any advice? –Samantha

Dear Samantha,

This issue is not uncommon. Cats are curious and social, and may see doors as undesirable barriers. Solutions depend somewhat on the door's function. For instance, if a door blocks Renaldo's access to a dangerous place, it must remain closed, but you likely can implement a combination of disincentives to hanging out by the door and distractions that draw Renaldo elsewhere. This and other options for peacefully reconciling human and feline attitudes toward doors are explained in this new article.

-Dr. Schelling
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