Issue 31: August 10
Dear Fancy,

Our one-year old cat, Dixie, seems lonely during the day while we're out, and after much thought we've decided to get her a feline housemate. We're looking at adopting a young mixed-breed tabby named Della from our local rescue. Please tell us this will work out.


Dear Matchmakers,

It probably will work out. But one of the critical success factors in this new union will be you—you'll want to use all your matchmaking skills. From Dixie's point of view, an intruder will suddenly appear.  From Della's perspective, she will unexpectedly be transported to a strange environment already claimed by a cat. Sounds formidable, doesn't it? But there's no need to hiss or growl over this—at least on your part.

Follow the outline presented in this article, use patience, attentive care, and a bit of feline-type cunning, and most likely, before you know it, you'll have two content cats who keep each other company—perhaps even a perfect match.



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