Issue 41: January 11
As you know, cats love to have their chins scratched as well as rub their chins on things. Since I can't scratch my cat's chin constantly—which she'd like—is there any way I can help her get the same enjoyment on her own?

–Time-crunched cat servant

Dear Time-crunched,

I'm not sure which I like more—a luxurious chin-scratching session or marking everything in the house with my chin to declare that it's mine. This video shows how to use a simple piece of cardboard, wedged between an interior door and an adjoining wall, to increase your cat's chin-scratching opportunities. She'll rub her chin on the cardboard to say "this is mine" or because it feels good. For best results, use this technique on doors that are in or near kitty's frequently-traveled routes or favorite hanging-out places. After a while, the cardboard will lose its stiffness, at which point you can replace it.



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