Nov 09
Top Tag Pet ID:

(The following review was submitted by one of Fancy's human assistants)

top_tag_pet_idYou do your best to make sure your cat is safe and sound – but the unexpected happens. The Top Tag Pet ID may provide vital protection for your cat – and peace of mind for you – in those situations that we don't like to think about.

The Top Tag Pet ID is a visible, easily readable repository of key information about your cat. Your cat wears it on a collar, like any ID tag. But the Top Tag is actually a “flash drive” that plugs into your computer's USB port and can store all sorts of data, such as home and work phone numbers, current medications, allergies, prescription foods, and commands to which your cat responds. Not only can these facts help reunite you with your cat, but they can also help assure that kitty is well cared-for in the interim.

The Top Tag ID comes in a plastic case and can easily be attached to any collar. If it gets wet, dry it off completely, and chances are it will work just fine.

You may want to combine this with a conventional tag that displays your cat's name and main phone number. If you take your cat on leash-walks, buy one to attach to kitty's harness, too. Last but not least, the product makes a great gift.

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