Previous Issues
Issue 63:

How to Protect Your Belongings from Your Cat, How to Play with Your Cat

Issue 62:

Anxiety in Cats, How to Play with Interactive Toys

Issue 61:

Holiday Hazards, How to Keep Your Cat Off the Christmas Tree

Issue 60:

Thanksgiving Safety, Traveling with Cats

Issue 59:

Cats' Sense of Taste, Cat Toilet Water Drinking Behavior

Issue 58:

Halloween Safety For Cats, Perceptions and Misconceptions About Cats

Issue 57:

Caring for senior cats, How to Keep Your Cat Entertained While You're Not Home

Issue 56:

How much water you should offer your cat, Why some cats talk so much

Issue 55:

How To Remove Ticks, Leash Walking Your Cat

Issue 54:

Feline Bladder Isses, How To Scruff Your Cat

Issue 53:

Training Your Cat To Use A Pet Carrier, Types of Cat Carriers

Issue 52:

How to Clean Urine Stains, Cat Hoarding Behavior

Issue 51:

CPR for Cats, Cat Myths Part Four

Issue 50:

Cat Adoption Tips, Cat Myths Part Three

Issue 49:

Feline Vaccine Sarcoma, Cat Myths Part Two

Issue 48:

First Aid Kit for Cats, Cat Myths Part One

Issue 47:

First Aid for Cats, Poisonous Toads

Issue 46:

Feline Heart Disease, Cat Teeth Chattering

Issue 45:

Feline Asthma, Cats and Kids

Issue 44:

Dangerous Places for Cats, How to Greet a Cat

Issue 43:

Dental Care for Cats, Can Cats Sense Your Emotions

Issue 42:

Why Cats Knead, How Cats Show Love

Issue 41:

Cats vs. Doors, Cat Chin Scratching Station

Issue 40:

Cat diarrhea, Why some cats talk so much

Issue 39:

Cows milk for cats, How to keep your cat off the Christmas tree

Issue 38:

Benefits of multiple scratching posts, How to spoil your cat

Issue 37:

Thanksgiving safety for cats, Traveling with cats

Issue 36:

Ringworm in cats, How to keep playtime fun

Issue 35:

How to keep your cat safe on Halloween, Myths about cats

Issue 34:

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Cat's night vision

Issue 33:

Cat fleas, Translating cat talk

Issue 32:

Vomiting in cats, Honeysuckle as an alternative to catnip

Issue 31:

Halitosis in cats, Introducing cats

Issue 30:

Top ten emergencies in cats, Why cats head bump

Issue 29:

Cuterebra Infestation in cats, Why cats stalk

Issue 28:

Fourth of July Safety for cats, Why cats rub their faces on people

Issue 27:

How to tell if your cat is sick, Grooming for short haired cats

Issue 26:

Early neutering for cats, How to keep your cat off the kitchen counter

Issue 25:

Human directed aggression in cats, Love bites from cats

Issue 24:

Petting induced aggression in cats, How cats use their posteriors in friendly body language

Issue 23:

How to keep your cat from chewing on houseplants, Poisonous plants for cats

Issue 22:

Train your cat to let you sleep, Why cats have rough tongues

Issue 21:

Caring for orphaned kittens, Why cats hiss

Issue 20:

Wet food vs. dry food for cats, Why cats knead

Issue 19:

Feline separation anxiety, How cats show love

Issue 18:

Cat parasites, Why cats have whiskers

Issue 17:

Vitamin A toxicity in cats, Why cats yawn

Issue 16:

How to travel with cats, Holiday safety for cats, How to spoil your cat, How to photograph your cat

Issue 15:

Benefits of multiple scratching posts, How cats fit in small spaces

Issue 14:

H1N1 in cats, Thanksgiving Safety for cats, Why cats purr

Issue 13:

Halloween safety for cats, Myths about cats, Why cats arch their backs

Issue 12:

Caring for senior cats, How to keep your cat entertained while you're not home

Issue 11:

How much water you should offer your cat, Homemade toys for cats

Issue 10:

Fourth of July safety for cats, Why cats slow blink

Issue 9:

Litter box success strategies, Bonding with cats when you have a busy schedule

Issue 8:

Fleas and ticks in cats, Cat tail language

Issue 7:

Heartworm Disease in cats, Cats preferring people

Issue 6:

Obesity, Hands-on weight assessment, Dangers of dental floss, Combing cats' bellies, Reader responses to "Where does Your Cat Sleep?"

Issue 5:

Danger of chocolate, Brushing teeth

Issue 4:

Christmas trees, Quick holiday safety list, Gifts, MySpace, Cats intentionally checking out non-cat people

Issue 3:

Thanksgiving safety, Intro to playing with cats series, Keeping kitty cozy in winter, Cat treat recipe, Meditation

Issue 2:

Apology for delay, announcement, Halloween safety and toys, Reader responses to "Singing to Your Cats," Food – part 1

Issue 1:

Introduction, Tubby tabbies, Teach your cat to let you sleep (sometimes), Onions: dangerous, Singing to your cats

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